About Us


First off, thank you for being interested in using our service, which is a wide range of modern social media ecosphere services.

Our package was developed by a Top 100 YouTuber & Influencer, the service was originally created for companies where it was sold at $1,000 monthly, and we generated many clients, but what we came to see was that people more like ourselves, people who were artist, creators, influencers, start-ups, & entrepreneurs, they could not afford this.

We went hard to work on developing ways to lower the cost, buying servers, hiring our friends, and really putting the time in.

What we came up was with $100 monthly service, a service anyone could afford, and we could continue to give the same quality service. The way we survive, thrive, & pay our employees is based on scale. Before we could have 1 client and make $1,000, now we would need 10 clients, but we knew we would be able to help far more individuals pursue their dreams and grow their online pages.


I made a short video explaining how to organically grow your social media accounts, I want you to pursue your passion, but if you need more time, then we are more than happy to deliver our service to you.